I’m interested in Carl Jung’s theory of archetypes. My spaces are constructed in order to give these archetypes free rein to perform. Some drink, carouse and misbehave. Others act out my psychological frustrations with a comedic flair like New Yorker cartoons gone horribly wrong. I do this with the understanding that they are imbued with an unconscious wisdom, one that can be used as a map to arrive at a more evolved understanding of my own mind.

I have a cinematic approach to image-making because grandiose narratives have always made sense to me. From early on, the  tawdry glitz of mid-century Technicolor blockbusters rang true to my perspective as a gay person. Like some kind of arcane inside joke, the egregious artifice of these staged film sets and histrionic actors coincided with my unconscious understanding of the artifice inherent to a patriarchal social structure. Overall, I approach painting  like it’s a theatrical performance, with an emotional charge embedded into the brushwork and an irreverent force that can turn tragedy into comedy.